Teacher union threatens ‘safety strikes’

Teacher union threatens ‘safety strikes’

Gallup finds fewer Americans identifying as conservatives

Forbes: “A new Gallup poll shows a significant drop in Americans identifying as conservative and a rise in those identifying as liberal since February, as President Trump and Republicans in Congress have struggled in the polls amid the coronavirus pandemic. The poll of 3,079 U.S. adults found that the number of Americans who identify as conservative dropped from 40% in February to just 34% in July. During the same period, the number who identify as moderate rose from 34% to 36%–overtaking conservative identification–while the number who identify as liberal rose from 22% to 26%.”

Dem delegates face quarantines, tight restrictions

AP: “Everyone attending the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee next month will have to wear a face mask, consent to daily testing for COVID-19, fill out questionnaires and maintain a physical distance from others. Organizers of the convention released details of the coronavirus safety plan Monday, three weeks before the Aug. 17 start of the four-day event. The convention has been scaled down from original plans and now will be mostly online with only a few hundred people gathered at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee. Attendees will have to self-isolated for a minimum of 72 hours before departing for Milwaukee or when first entering the convention’s main venue if they’re already in the city. Once at the convention, attendees must fill out a daily questionnaire indicating that they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and have not had contact with anyone infected.”

Susan Rice struggles to overcome veepstakes skeptics

NYT: “Ms. [Susan] Rice, 55, is now among a handful of women under consideration to become Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s running mate. It is the latest stage in a path to power that has seen Ms. Rice chosen to be a Rhodes scholar at 21, an assistant secretary of state at 32,, and ambassador to the United Nations little more than a decade later. … Ms. Rice’s electoral inexperience is not the only possible mark against her in the vice-presidential process: In an election dominated by a public-health disaster and economic recession, it is unclear how much a candidate best known for her foreign policy credentials would improve Mr. Biden’s chances. And there are people close to Mr. Biden who fear that choosing her would force the campaign to spend precious days relitigating her role in responding to the 2012 terrorist attack on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead and prompted months of Republican-led congressional hearings.”

Biden bans staff stock trades without approval

Bloomberg: “The Biden campaign is forbidding staff from trading individual stocks without approval from the campaign’s general counsel, according to an email sent by the Democratic nominee’s top lawyer to staff on Monday afternoon. Joe Biden’s general counsel, Dana Remus, wrote in an email to staff obtained by Bloomberg News that the campaign is updating its employee handbook to ‘ensure that staff does not even inadvertently trade on nonpublic information.’ The rule says staff cannot trade stocks ‘without advance written approval of the General Counsel,’ and it will remain in effect until Dec. 14, 2020, the date the Electoral College votes.”

Watchdog group says Parscale hid $170 million in payments

AP: “President Donald Trump’s reelection effort allegedly hid nearly $170 million in spending from mandatory public disclosure by routing payments through companies tied to his former campaign manager, a government oversight group said Tuesday. The use of firms linked to former campaign manager Brad Parscale masked the ultimate recipients of the money, which the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center described as a ‘laundering’ effort that violates election law, according to a complaint the group filed with the Federal Elections Commission. Trump communications director Tim Murtaugh disputed the allegations and said the ‘campaign complies with all campaign finance laws and FEC regulations.’ Most of the payments by Trump’s campaign committees were made to American Made Media Consultants, which has received at least $177 million since 2018, according to FEC records. … The campaign said that American Made Media Consultants was formed to purchase advertising directly — and save money by not relying on middlemen.”

Alberta: Can White working-class voters rescue Trump?

Politico: “If he is losing badly among the two fastest-growing blocs of voters—minorities and college-educated whites –is there any hope for the president to win a second term? Yes, there is. And his reason for hope comes from a familiar place: the white working class. … There exists an assumption that because Trump cleaned up with noncollege-educated white voters in 2016 – winning them by a margin of 39 points… – the president has maxed out his support among this much-mythologized group. But this is an assumption, not a fact. For one thing, there is evidence to suggest that while Trump won a bigger share of working-class whites than his predecessors, turnout among this group was higher in prior elections. Moreover, it’s not clear that Democrats have bottomed out with this group; the same polarization that continues to depress Trump’s upper-class white support could propel his working-class white support even higher.”

Article Source: Foxnews


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