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Have you ever imagined about sleeping your way to your dream body or perfect physique? For most people, sleep is connected with weight gain, and you’ve probably heard that if you sleep more, you’ll possibly add more weight.

But what if the reality is you can sleep well and lose weight? but you don’t believe it. This is because you’ve never heard of Resurge, a weight loss supplement that helps you lose weight while you sleep.

In this section, you will know about this pill and how to use it as an alternative weight loss while sleeping.

Resurge Review


Resurge Review

This is just one of the dietary supplements that instantly give fruition to your hard work.

But the goal is where the similarities between Resurge and other such products end. First, it works in a totally different way that improves sleep quality in order to lose weight.

This is a unique idea that you may have never heard of. Dozens of studies have shown that inappropriate, irregular sleep habits can affect weight. A recent study by the University of Colorado found that people gain 2 pounds a week by sleeping 5 hours a day.

What the Resurge did otherwise takes this matter seriously. They spent hours in an FDA approved laboratory trying to get a sleep aid supplement.

Resurge not only claims to restore sleep habits but also provides deep sleep. Deep sleep helps the body to rest more effectively and reaches its normal level in less time.

Resurge contains ingredients that offer a variety of weight loss methods. These include increased metabolism, better sleep quality, and increased immunity.

An important factor is the use of 100% natural ingredients. Natural content rarely gives immediate results but helps the body choose a better lifestyle.

What is deep sleep?

From excess fat to unwanted weight gain and other health problems, you may think that your genetics make you gain weight. While genetics play a vital role, there are other things that can contribute to these problems. One of them is a common problem that many are unaware of Sleep.

Deep sleep is essential for weight loss, and the Resurge supplement is an additive formulated to address this problem.

With that in mind, we now discuss what deep sleep is and how it affects weight gain and loss.

Resurge Official Website

Resurge Ingredients

The first thing we noticed when analyzing the Resurge content was the use of completely organic ingredients. Perhaps amazing how they were able to use all of the vegan-friendly plant ingredients in their supplement.

Here are the ingredients you’ll find on your list Resurge:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Theanine
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract
  • Melatonin
  • Hydroxytryptophan

100 mg of Hydroxytryptophan

  • This natural chemical ingredient the neurochemical processes that result in deeper, healthy sleep. This works with sleep habits and may correct an irregular biological clock.
  • It also strengthens the mood and creates serotonin, which has a relaxing effect. It’s a great ingredient for a stress-free sleep.

L-theanine – 200 mg

  • This natural phytonutrient has been shown to decreases stress and anxiety. Think about the two factors of lack of sleep, these are the first two that come to your mind.
  • The key is not only to improve brain function but also to improve cognitive responses. The antioxidant content of L-theanine also helps in removing harmful toxins.
  • As it also protects blood vessels, it’s positioning as a key element is justified.

L-Arginine -1200 mg

  • Vegans don’t consume this essential amino acid. It can usually be found in poultry products such as fish, meat, and more.
  • Resurge has found an herbal form of this ingredient. The amino acid also strengthens immunity. It is also associated with increased libido and better physical characteristics.
  • It can be said that you will feel the benefits of arginine at every stage of your life.

Lysine – 1200 mg

  • Like arginine, lysine is a very useful amino acid that the body cannot make on its own. It’s more about improving brain function and reducing stress.
  • Lysine increases the amount of serotonin in the body, which directly decreases stress. Lysine along with arginine improves the absorption of nutrients in the body.
  • Better absorption of nutrients means better metabolism and consuming fewer calories.


  • The Ayurvedic ingredient is an effective anti-stress agent and can be found in many herbs. Diabetes medications and sugar also contain ashwagandha because they help regulate blood sugar.


  • While trace amounts of magnesium can have various health benefits, Resurge focuses on the anxiety relief component. Magnesium improves sleep quality and also helps to decrease anxiety.


  • It naturally strengthens the body’s immunity and stimulates muscle growth. Better muscle development also allows you to burn fat faster.
  • Zinc also aids the absorption of nutrients and promotes metabolism. You will feel more energetic and work better in the gym.


  • Melatonin helps to treat sleep disorders. Melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep cycles.
  • Improved melatonin levels allow you to sleep deeply and thus burn fat faster.

Who is the Creator of Resurge?

Who made this add-on? It is important to know who did this as you will know if the supplement is worth your time or not.

Well, and the Resurge Supplement was formulated by Mr. John Barbana. You may not have heard of it yet, but this guy is a fitness instructor and respected trainer with a good history of helping people balance between diet and weight. The supplement manufacturer has a rich history and reputation in the industry and has worked with many popular brands on the market. Brands he has worked with include Muscle Tech and others.

Apart from being a fitness trainer, he is reasonably well educated. He carries a degree in human biology from the University of Guelf. Besides, this guy has another master’s degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Florida. All of this shows that he has good qualifications that can help us to trust his product.

Do you want to lose weight? Then this man has the information and tools to help you.

Resurge Official Website

How to Use Resurge Supplement?

That being said, you are most likely convinced of the effectiveness of this supplement. If so, it’s no wonder that you are worried about how the drug is safe to use. After all, you don’t want to take too little of a dose and that won’t help you. You also don’t want to use anything that will make you fall asleep or cause unwanted effects.

It is recommended to take 4 capsules in the evening before going to bed. Drink a glass of water. Also, remember that water supports metabolism. Therefore, you should also try to drink plenty of water after taking the medicine.

The capsules then dissolve in the body and provide many benefits, including metabolic recovery and many other benefits.

The good thing about taking a Resurge supplement is that you won’t have any terrible side effects. There is also no need to do exercise or going to the gym. Whether you are a man or a woman, you really like to use these supplements.

Who is the Resurge supplement recommended for?

Do you want to lose weight quickly and painlessly? Then select this product. If you want to look better, prettier and younger, restore damaged body functions, and achieve better overall health, you should consider adding Resurge.


  • Resurge shows that it helps improve attention, confidence, and memory while decreasing negative feelings and moods.
  • It is a clinically proven dietary supplement that enhances the overall fitness of the body
  • This weight loss supplement shows that it enables you to lose weight quickly.
  • Significantly extends the duration of deep sleep
  • It decreases the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body
  • Various Resurge reviews show that it boosts your metabolism.
  • There are no side effects.
  • Available at an affordable cost.
  • The Resurge slimming supplement is very easy to use (use).
  • At the same time, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Not suitable for pregnant women and feeding mothers.
  • Resurge tablets are not available at any medical store. You have to buy it yourself on the official Resurge website.

Resurge Benefits

Resurge Supplement is a great supplement that can help to eliminate unwanted fat from your body. Unwanted fats can cause a range of complications, from premature aging to harmful diseases.

Resurge Supplement is a supplement intended to improve sleep. You may now ask, “What is the relationship between sleep and weight?” Well, in this post we will see what the relationship is.

Obesity is a current problem all over the world and even as many try to change and lose weight, it turns out to be impossible. Even if they try difficult exercise and follow a strict diet that often causes hunger.

This raises the question of what can help someone lose weight without starving or endless muscle aches. After a long search, a particularly simple and effective solution was found. Man requires sleep and not only long hours, but also deep sleep.

How does Resurge Work?

Resurge is designed to speed up metabolic functions while promoting deep sleep.

As you are getting aged, your metabolism became worsens, and the same goes for sleep.

When the metabolism slows down, the accumulation of fat is inevitable, leading to undesirable weight gain.

The amount of fat in your body continues to increase over time. Due to stubborn fat and slow metabolism, you will be disappointed as you try to lose weight.

This supplement offers several ways to help you lose weight while enjoying long and deep sleep. This is done as follows:

Allow Ketosis – Ketosis is the first process that supplementation helps you lose weight.

How to Buy Resurge supplement?

How do I buy the Resurge add-on? As mentioned before, this product can only be purchased online.

How much it costs?

Take a look.

  • You can buy it for $ 49 for one package.
  • Purchase up to three bottles of Resurge Supplement – all you need to spend $ 39.
  • You’ll only pay $ 34 for six bottles of the supplement.
  • Product delivery is up to you.

One good thing about this add-on is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what you bought, you can return it and still get your money back.

Money-Back Guarantee and Return Policy

The Resurge supplement includes ingredients that promote deep sleep and burn fat. The producer of Resurge guarantees that you will lose stubborn fat after receiving the tablets. You must have been using the supplement for at least 90 days for consistent results.

If you are not happy with the product and the result, you can return the product directly by contacting the manufacturer or the company. They provide a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the product, notify the manufacturer by calling the toll-free number or sending an e-mail. The letter is sent to the official e-mail address. You will receive a full refund within 48 hours of returning the item, even if you return an empty bottle.

Resurge Official Website


Resurge is a 100% natural product composed of unique ingredients that not only help you lose weight but also allow you to live healthier and longer. The Resurge review shows that regular use of this product, it reduces the symptoms (sleep deprivation, lethargy, increased appetite, high blood pressure) which are the main causes of the devastating consequences.

Other weight loss programs currently available can help you shed excess weight through intense eating and exercise. This way, they will help you achieve your desired weight temporarily. Resurge requires no lifestyle or diet changes, but it does provide long-lasting results.

If you’ve tried every opportunity to lose weight and to achieve better health, but you always gain frustration, then the Resurge slimming supplement is the product for you!


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